12 buses turned into DIY homes!

12 DIY bus conversions

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Flimsy, factory-made RVs have nothing on these totally customized, cozy buses converted into compact rolling homes. Dusty, run-down clunkers of school buses and city buses may not look like much at first, but creative DIYers transform them into comfortable living spaces complete with wood floors, transforming furniture, wood stoves and full bathrooms with hot showers.

1. Waldmire Road Yacht

Converted Buses Road Yacht

This amazing half-wooden contraption is a converted school bus known as the ‘Waldmire Road Yacht,’ built by Rob Waldmire, who traveled in his handcrafted creation for decades along Route 66. It’s now part of the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum in Pontiac, Illinois.

2. Run-Down City Bus Converted to DIY RV

Converted Buses City Israel 1

Converted Buses City Israel 2

This city bus seemed beyond saving when two Israeli women initially found it, but they saw the bones of their own highly customized DIY RV. The women tore out the interior and gave it a fresh, modern new look with pops of bright color.

3. Bus to Minimal Mobile Home


Converted Buses Minimal Mobile 2

Tired of just drafting imaginary buildings in studio courses, architecture student Hank Butitta decided to get his hands dirty: he bought a bus for $3,000 and completely transformed the interior, spending $6,000 to improve it with an array of transforming modular features. Those include a bed system that unfolds in various ways for different sleeping configurations, lots of hidden storage, and seats with egret flip-up and slide-out panels.

4. School Bus Turned Home That Sleeps Ten

Converted Buses Solar Power Ten

‘I think my mom’s reaction was, ‘this isn’t the sixties,’” says co-owner Rachel of the bus she converted with her partner Richard. It may not be conventional, but this living situation allows them to go wherever they please. Buying a school bus cheap gave them a blank canvas, and they designed every detail of their new home – which has transforming beds to sleep up to ten.

5. Double-Decker Bus Community

Two Story Bus Community 1

Two Story Bus Community 2

This concept is not just a portable home, but an entire temporary community space for professionals on the go. The double-decker bus is outfitted withs even beds, a living room, and a restroom. The interior is intentionally sparse, with the idea that it wouldn’t take too much time, money and skill to create.

6. Comfy Converted Blue Bus Home

Converted Buses Comfy Blue

A couple looking to get out of debt and live a simple lifestyle purchased a Bluebird bus for $3,000 on eBay, and spent months ripping out the seats and renovating the dirty, dusty interior. The result is a comfy, cozy, modest home that enables the couple to live rent-free.

7. British Double-Decker Bus to Low-Cost Home

Converted Buses British Double Decker

After being priced out of the housing market, a couple acquired a double-decker bus and turned it into a ‘luxury’ two-bedroom home within four months. Now, it offers a double bedroom, twin bedroom, kitchen, living room, bar and bathroom. Their total cost was less than $20,000, about one-tenth the cost of a typical first-time home in Britain.

8. Cozy Bus Home with a Wood Stove

Converted Buses Wood Stove 1

Converted Buses Wood Stove 2

Design firm wpi Creative took an old clunker of a school bus, gave it a homey wooden interior with lots of built-ins, and added a wood stove to make it incredibly cozy. It’s now home to a young couple in the Cascade Mountains.

9. Bug Out Bus: A Bluebird Called ‘The Ark’

Converted Buses The Ark

A family concerned with disaster prepping designed their very own ‘bug out bus’ as a totally mobile, stocked home that could enable them to flee from life-threatening situations – or just go on vacation. Called ‘The Ark,’ it’s nearly forty feet long, is built like a tank, and has underbelly storage. A master bedroom and a kids’ bedroom with bunks gives them plenty of space for everyone.

10. Steampunk Bus Conversion

Converted Buses Steampunk

This isn’t just any bus conversion: it’s a steampunk bus conversion. Complete with a kerosene burning New York Angle Lamp. Creator Jake Von Slatt wanted the feel of a Victorian sea coast summer house – “something bright, light, and simple but with an air of country elegance.”

11. The Green Cedar Bus

Converted Buses Green Cedar

A cedar-paneled loft finishes off this quirky converted Dallas City 72-passenger school bus. It’s got a front extension with greenhouse roofing to bring in natural light, a large opening decorative glass window, white oak hardwood flooring. The 280-square-foot mobile home has been offered for sale on Tiny House Listings for $15,000.

12. The Magic Biodiesel Bus

Converted Buses Magic

After college graduation, Dave Weaver and a friend retrofitted an old school bus and drove it from Washington state to Austin, Texas. The 1979 Bluebird International runs on recycled veggie oil, sleeps six, has a hot-water shower, a wood stove and floor-to-ceiling wood paneling.

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