Cinch! Ultimate pop-up tent with solar power & LED

The world’s most advanced pop-up tent – solar power, heat regulation, LED lighting, massive & easy


In 2014, we crowdfunded the ultimate pop-up tent, and the response was amazing. Now we’re back with our next generation Cinch! – and thanks to your feedback, we’ve redefined “ultimate”. The new Cinch! has a heat-reflective cover, enhanced solar power, and an extended canopy that provides 75% more space – plus the size, quality and durability of a high-spec dome tent with more cool features. It goes up in seconds and packs down inside a minute. Cinch! will revolutionise your camping adventures.


Camping should be hassle-free, and give you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. That’s why we created Cinch! It’s the world’s biggest pop-up tent, and it has all the features you’d expect from a top-of-the-range dome tent – plus loads more, including solar power and heat regulation. Check out the graphic below for starters, and then read through the page for more details.


With every tent purchase, we’re giving you the heat-regulating blackout canopy and an all-in-one tent peg puller and mallet worth $70 for FREE!





Keep your mobile phone, speakers and USB gadgets charged-up with our optional solar power pack.

  • Solar panel fits on the roof of the tent and connects to power bank inside via weatherproof porta
  • 13,000 mA-h power bank has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time
  • Stores enough electricity to charge an iPhone six times
  • Detach pocket-sized power bank and keep your phone topped-up when on the move
  • See Add-ons section below for how to order


Hot summer days are what camping’s all about, right? Except when you wake up like a sous-vide carrot. Tents have a tendency to absorb heat from the sun, which gets trapped by the insulating fabric. Great for those who like it hot – but not so much for others. Our optional heat-regulating blackout canopy works as a radiant barrier – reflecting heat from the sun and keeping you cool inside your tent. Made from ultra-reflective material, the canopy fits over the roof of the tent. You can attach it through the day, or overnight to prepare for a cool morning lie-in. It then folds up into a small disc, which you can store in the pocket inside your tent. Free with every tent pledge!


Cook, eat or relax outside your tent whilst still sheltering from the sun and rain, with the optional extended canopy.

  • Increases space by a further 75%
  • Functions as a standalone shelter, so you can take it on the move
  • Folds down into small bag for storage in the tent
  • See Add-ons section below for how to order



Cinch! is packed with features that you’ll rarely find inside a pop-up tent:

  • Double-skin to prevent condensation
  • Groundsheet stitched to outer tent, keeping porch free of water and bugs
  • Double-taped seams to prevent damp
  • Outer layer is made from 4000HH fabric – three times the industry standard for waterproofing
  • Extra-thick, bathtub-style groundsheet. Nine-times industry standard for waterproofing: 12000HH
  • Two entrances provide instant ventilation



Night time is just as important as day when you’re camping, and just as fun. That’s why we’ve kitted out the Cinch! with LED tent pegs and light-reflective guylines to make your tent visible at night. This year, we’ve also added some luminous guylines which will stay visible even when no light source is shining on them. Plus you’ll get two LED torches with every tent. With a quick transformation, the torches turn into lanterns, and you can hang them from hooks on the roof.


The Cinch! comes in 2-, 3- and 4-man sizes, and each is the biggest in its class. The 4-man is the biggest pop-up tent in the world, with 6.24 m2 living space.

Size was our first consideration when designing the range. Why should you have to compensate on space, for the convenience of a pop-up? Why not have both? Our tents have a huge internal living area, with two large porches that double up as storage areas next to each door. See the diagram below for full dimensions. The tent then packs down within a minute into a disc-shaped rucksack with all the kit, weighing just 5kg for the 2-man version.



Every Cinch! tent comes with a load of top-quality, lightweight kit – all of which packs down into one disc-shaped rucksack. Here’s what you’ll get:




Every Cinch! tent comes with two optional add-ons and two freebies:

  • Extended canopy – $60
  • Solar power pack – $90
  • Heat-reflecting black out canopy worth $50 – free with every tent pledge
  • Tent peg puller and mallet, worth $10 – free with every tent pledge

See above for a full description of each. If you’d like to add the extended canopy and solar power pack to your order, once you’ve ordered your tent, please come back to this page, select the appropriate perk and go through checkout again.



Read what our customers have to say about Cinch:

  • “My Cinch tent is by far the best tent I have ever owned” – Paul, UK
  • “I’ve gone mostly to festivals with my tent and it’s always a great success because of the windows and the solar panel” – Marco, Mexico
  • “SO EASY!! Putting it up, breaking it down!! Pure genius!! Especially with a two year-old and a four year-old running around wanting to go NOW!! A VERY quick break down!!” – Daniele, USA
  • “Last summer I didn’t stop answering questions and receiving compliments about our Cinch! We love it!” – Kira, USA


Born in a field in 2009, Cinch! is the creation of Jake Jackson – a lifelong camper whose thwarted quests to find the right tent for festivals and weekends in the wilderness led him to his own workshop. Jake’s vision was ambitious yet simple: a tent should make camping fun, easy and cheap – not suck away your time, money and sanity.

Jake built the first prototype in his mum’s garage in Lancaster (there wasn’t much room in his workshop). He made it for himself – simply so he could have a reliable pop-up with a porch. Soon he was building tents for his friends, and then fellow campers, and he realised there was a blossoming business. Check out the images below to see how the Cinch! has developed since 2009.

Now Cinch! has a community of loyal customers around the world, whose support and feedback has shaped the product we have today. We ran our first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2014, fulfilled our orders on time and went straight back to work on improving Cinch! even further.

Now we’re back with a version of Cinch! that redefines ultimate – and is ready to produce on a bigger scale than ever before. Please join us as a backer, and become part of our story. We can’t do this without you!



We want to get your Cinch! tent to you as soon as we can and here’s how we plan to do it:



We’d love to be able to cover costs for delivering the Cinch! around the world, but shipping is expensive for packages of this size and varies by location. However, we’re doing our best to make shipping as cost-effective as possible for our backers.

We have offices in the UK, USA and Australia (please contact us to organise localised shipping to Australia) and have managed to get a localised shipping rates for these countries – but doing so for other countries would need a number of backers to make it feasible. Shipping costs are listed below. If we get enough orders from your country to organise localised shipping, we’ll recalculate the costs and refund you the difference.

If you are from a country and would love a tent but can’t pay postage then reach out to us and if we get enough of you then we can significantly lower these costs. If your country is not listed and you think it should be, then get in touch and we can get shipping prices to you, we will ship anywhere in the world.


The Cinch! is the ultimate pop-up tent, and that’s a claim we don’t make lightly – but naturally it sets the bar very high indeed. We’ve spent years developing and refining the idea, and we’ve worked extremely hard to get the product ready for Indiegogo, so we’re not prepared to execute it poorly. We’ve run successful crowdfunding campaigns for Cinch! before, so we know exactly what we’re doing. But here are what I see as some of the risks:

MANUFACTURING: This is a process where many things can go wrong, but we already have six years’ experience in manufacturing the tent, and have robust plans in place for all eventualities. We’re confident that our manufacturer can handle the size of the production run – we’ve identified a partner with the capacity to scale-up easily – and we plan to personally oversee all the important stages of the manufacturing process.

PRODUCT ADJUSTMENTS: As we gear up the Cinch! for production, it’s likely that we’ll make some minor adjustments to improve the final product. What you see on this page is the minimum of what you’ll get – we’ve made a big claim and we won’t cut any corners to get there. Our prototype is already based on a successful market product – in our standard Cinch! tent – and most of its features have been suggested as improvements by our customers, and negotiated in detail with our experienced manufacturer. Adjustments will always be for the benefit of you, our customer, and we will let you know exactly how, when and why they are made.

FULFILMENT: Sometimes we’re faced with an unpredictable situation – e.g. a supplier misses a deadline, there’s a breakdown of machinery, or a shipment gets lost. Those things can cause a delay. However to minimise the possibility of any setbacks, we have backup factories at the ready, and I will be personally orchestrating the communication between our suppliers, all the way through to delivering your order to your door.

We are working with manufacturers who have years of experience delivering large quantities of excellent-quality products in the outdoor industry. Undoubtedly there will be some surprises along the way, but we’re confident that our knowledge, expertise and experience will deliver the highest-quality Cinch! tent to you, on-time and on-budget.

Any pledge that you’re able to make brings us one step closer to achieving our goal, and finally giving the camping community the kind of tent it deserves. Help us make the Cinch! a success by clicking the ‘Back This Project’ button at the top of the page, or by helping us spread the word by sharing our page. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!

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