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Living on a boat

Ok, so now that I am into the boat living thing, I started researching the best boats to live on/in and what it takes to live on a boat etc. It seems like it could be a lot of work but there may be something here.

According to Business Insider living on a boat may be one of the best life hacks known to man!

“…Their largest expense is paying to keep the boat at a marina, which costs $1,050 a month, including the $250 “live aboard” fee. That covers utilities such as water and electricity, and also allows them to keep their cars in the parking lot, use the pool and laundry facilities, and receive mail and packages there.” Read more on this at Business Insider.

I discovered two very good sites on the subject:


Sail Far Live Free
sail far live has been riding the tradewinds of the Internet to become our treasure chest of sailing inspiration.  We write about all things sailing that motivate and educate us to Sail Far and Live Free.


Sleeping With Oars!
Sleeping with oarsSince August, 1999, … I’ve maintained a Web site dedicated to my experience living aboard a 38′ Hans Christian Traditional sailboat named Candide. According to Alexa (a site that tracks Website statistics), has received over 3 million hits since its inception!
Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

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