How to Live Aboard a Boat

From RV Living: “In my travels and through my websites and forum I meet a lot of very interesting people who have a lot of of very interesting ideas and histories. Some of them are so interesting I want to pass their stories along to you; Brad is one of them.  I met him at the last Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. He was there in a very nice Toyota Class C, and when I found out he was not only a vandweller but he had also lived for years on a boat (and learned how to make a living out of it) I just knew I had to share it with all of you. So I asked him to write a post for the blog and this is it. There is a great deal of similarity between living on a boat and living in a van or RV, so I think you will enjoy and learn from his story. I enjoyed it…”

Boat-StarboardFreedom! That’s what the RV-nomad lifestyle and living aboard a boat have in common- in case you were wondering what this title is doing on this blog. You may be asking; freedom from what? For starters living aboard a boat, the same as the RV-nomad life can facilitate freedom from the rat-race, from consumerism, from suburbia, and from having too much stuff. All of this is a big part of why we choose to live this way. If you’re a long-time reader of this blog and follow the ideas presented, then you’re likely living a much freer life than you were previously. This is often a big reason why people live this way.

I recently attended the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous where I got to see how others were living this life of freedom. On one of our morning walks, I was chatting with Bob about this lifestyle and I shared that I had also lived aboard a sailboat for a few years. Bob invited me to share some ideas with you about how to do that.

There are as many ways to live on a boat as there are ways to be a land-based nomad, but in this article, we’ll keep the focus on the more frugal ways of doing it. Once a vessel is acquired, it can be done for as little or less money than living in a van or RV. In the beginning, there are the two primary considerations; where to do it, and what vessel to do it on.


As to geographic locations, the main criterion is water. You might think at first that this limits where you can choose to live. That may be true, as it limits you to only three-quarters of the planet including inland waterways and lakes. My experience is living near coastal cities, so what I’ll share reflects that.  Read more at Cheap RV Living


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