In Trouble? Now is the time to take full advantage of your situation!

Are you in trouble, financially? Being evicted? Lost your job? Need to move for some reason but don’t appear have anywhere to go? Here is what you need to realize…  You need to realize that if you are in what may seem and feel like a very traumatic situation that this is, in fact, an excellent opportunity.  It is a blessing in disguise. As hard as it may be, try to see it as a new time of freedom and liberation, a time where you can finally build up your assets and your net worth, your financial assets as well as your intellectual assets and your spiritual assets.   During this time your biggest asset is time itself and with time you can invest in yourself.  You can invest your time in yourself and your projects.  You can invest in your businesses and your hobbies and your skills. You can finally strengthen your connection to God or whatever your spirituality is.  All the things that if you were working some job to pay a landlord or the mortgage company you wouldn’t have time to do.

What I’ve learned from being in these situations many times is that you need to take full advantage of them while you’re in them because they tend not to last.  Work on your credit (as in getting out of debt!), you know, build up your savings, invest in your business.  Whatever you do don’t just waste time every day because you don’t have a boss telling you what to do! Make your own structure, be your own boss and spend time doing what you really need to do with your life while you have the time to do it! Be prepared! Use your new freedom so that when a situation arises where you don’t have the time for whatever reason, you will have plenty of tools and assets and skills to go to the next level.

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