Man get’s death threats trying to help homeless with tiny houses

A guy in Los Angeles is trying to help LA’s huge homeless problem by building tiny homes on his own dime only to be attacked by the city, cops and gangs!  This is why LA has 50,000  homeless people with it’s schizophrenic approach to housing.  I mean honestly, it seems that LA is doing everything it can to get as many people on the streets as possible. Instead of building affordable housing they are permitting the construction of tons of luxury apartment and condo buildings with one bedrooms renting for $2000+.  They are allowing landlords to evict people from rent control buildings so they can be converted to luxury condo buildings. Real estate greed is running rampant in LA and nothing is happening. On top of that, there is no real homeless help in LA. If you get evicted or move here or have to leave your place for any reason expect to pay $5000 to get an apartment.  Shelters are full, transitional housing have waitlist that are years long.  Good luck!

In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Compton, California to talk to Elvis Summers, the main behind the “Tiny Houses For The Homeless in Los Angeles.” Elvis’s story is insane with government intervention and intimidation that is denying people basic human rights. The situation got so bad for Elvis that he now wears a bulletproof vest for his protection.

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Find out more at: The Government’s Insane War On Tiny Homes and Humanity

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