Miami rent is the ninth highest in the nation!

Turns out we are no. 9 for highest median rental price on a one-bedroom.

Are you in the market for a one-bedroom apartment in Miami? You better be ready to spend a good chunk of your hard-earned cash paying for it. According to data compiled by Zumper, a website that specializes in real estate rentals, Miami’s median rental price for a one-bedroom is $1810, and for two-bedrooms $2500.

The highest rent for a one-bedroom was $5100 to live on the tony Fisher Island, while the cheapest was $600 to live in Brownsville. Median rent for Brickell was $2150 and Miami Beach rentals ranged between $1650-$2310. Again, we are talking one-bedrooms.

This places Miami in the no. 9 spot in Zumper’s National Rent Report, behind cities like San Francisco and New York.

Source: Miami rent is the ninth highest in the nation |

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