Van Life – Couple Survives 2 Winters Living in a Van!

Living in a van

Living in a van. Two Canadians, Derrick & Paula first started living in their camper van on their honeymoon. Then that became an extended vacation and then when they realized how much money they were saving, (i.e. no rent no duh!) they decided to live in the van full time. This is interesting because they live in Canada and have successfully lived in the camper van through two Canadian winters.  Watch this very interesting video about their adventures.  If these two can live in a camper van so can you! Of all the alternative living solutions I have looked at, I believe camper vans are the best solutions other than boats for singles and couples.  It’s the best combination of efficient of space and functionality (i.e. everything you need to live.) and mobility (you can drive it around like a regular car.) . They also give a lot of info on all the details of what it’s actually like to live in a camper van.  For example, propane and solar is all you need! Check it out!


This vid is from a Youtube channel called Living Alternatives also by a Canadian couple who sold their house to live full time in a van and travel.  As they travel they blog other alternative living solutions similar to Urban Nomads. Also you can follow Derrick & Paula vlog here.



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