Which is best for living, motor boats or sail boats?

Choosing a boat to live on

Choosing what kind of boat to buy to live on can be a stressful process. The people at Live Aboard Living  have some good advice on this issue, having been through it themselves.

Choosing a Boat

“Choosing a boat is a time consuming and complicated process that needs to balance both love and logic. Making a purely emotional decision based on looks or size alone is silly and impractical. You may think you’ll look great at the helm of a restored 52 foot wooden Chris Craft, but you may end up with more boat than you bargained for in terms of size and maintenance.  You might buy the boat that looks the most pleasing to the eye, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with it when you discover it doesn’t have what you need. And in order to find out what you need, you should sit down and analyze your requirements for comfort and practicality. Since you’ll be spending all your time onboard, your new home needs to match your lifestyle. You must know yourself before you can choose what kind of boat you need. Budget often helps us make this decision. And there are lots of boats to choose from; the internet has created a huge marketplace where you can compare prices, styles and sizes online.”


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