Check out the Doubleback VW Camper!

Doubleback-VW Camper Van.

Wow! Everyday I am amazed at what people can do with alternative living arrangements. In particular, I am amazed at what creativity and ingenuity can do to something as small and simple as a van.  Check out the Doubleback VW camper van by Danbury Motorcaravans out of the UK.  It’s amazing!  It transforms into a four bed camper by extending the van like a transformer.  See for yourself.  Can you believe this little van has – four beds, a kitchen with a stove, sink and fridge!  It really seems in this day and age anything is possible as far as creative living arrangements.  It’s time to ‘think out of the box and free ourselves from the limits 20th century ideas of what a home can be.

The new and updated Doubleback:

The original Doubleback:

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