Check out these totally crazy Madmax Apocalypse RVs!

Mad Max RV
Wow, I have to to say this RV worlds is really interesting.  There is a whole universe of RV people out there and now I am discovering all the sub-genres out there.  Like camper vans, rear drop trailers, and now I’ve stumbled on “the off road RV’s” also know as expedition RV’s.  I call them Madmax RV’s because honesty, you would only need one of these if you are going to some place far from civilization or a place where civilization has totally collapsed.  They are truly extravagant and crazy as they go, I mean, really do you need to haul a luxury home though the heart of the Moroccan desert?  Well I guess if you’re a multi-multi millionaire with too much time and money on your hands.

Mad Max RV The first one I stumbled on (which I will do a post on later) was a custom made Madmax RV by a couple who drove it all the way across Africa, from South Africa to the Netherlands.  I was totally amazed at how much could fit in that thing. It was basically a shipping container put on the back of a four wheel drive truck.

Anyway, Action Mobil is a German/Austrian company and you can tell they like big toys. And they’ve put some serious German engineering into these things!  I mean basically Action Mobil RV’s are luxury land ships on the back of military trucks.  I call them land ships because they are basically ships that cruise the desert and other desolate lands.  They are ugly as heck on the outside and absolutely gorgeous on the inside.  But as crazy as they are, these huge trucks will bring out the little kid in you.  I found myself totally fascinated by these huge dinosaurs of the rv family. Especially on the Morocco expedition.  Yes, Action Mobil took several of these monstrosities and drove them across Morocco, just to show how tuf they are.  They are well built, I ‘ll give em that.  It’s amazing to watch them twist and turn, going though rivers and around hundred foot cliffs.

These things are expensive too and really only for the 1% at between $500,000 and 1 mil+ but actually when you think about the prices of today’s homes, maybe it’s not such a bad deal.  Looks fun anyway.  One even has a garage. And check out how serious that German dude is as he unloads his 4×4 carMadmax RV out of the garage in the back of the RV.

My other question is, really, after all that limbering over sand dunes and though rivers, would the fine art, wine and furniture inside really survive the trip?  I also love the juxtaposition of these wealthy westerners going though what has to be some of the most poverty stricken territory in Africa.  You know they are poor being landlocked hundreds of miles way from civilization.  Then here come these rich people in these huge techno machines.  I wonder what the locals thought of that.  I guess if I were going to go on an expedition thought Antarctica, or Greenland or the Australian outback, or deep Africa an Action Mobil Mad Max RV would reMadmax RVally come in handy.  Given how well they handle the desert I figure their best market must be Sheikh’s and Arabian princes from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emarates. Think about it.  You want to take the family on an outing to the deep desert and your gold plated land cruisers are just not big enough. No worries, your new Action Mobil RV is just the ticket. With it you can go spend some good family time in the deep desert with all the luxuries of home!

Anyway, check ’em out.  Gotta see it to believe it.  Oh I though of another use, they would probably come in real handy during the apocalypse, not sure how good they are at fighting off zombies though.

Apocalypse RV


At least you could go out in style. 🙂




Action Mobil

The Desert Challenger:

(If I were the desert I would be very afraid!)

The Garage! Ohhh Ahhhh!

(That guys is so serious with his remote control!)


The Morocco Expedition.

(See ’em in action! Will they make it! Will they survive! Look’s like it – at least until the wine runs out!)

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