The Los Angeles boat show is coming to town!

So just when I started to think about boats as a viable option for alternative urban living arrangements I turn on the TV and lo and behold the Los Angeles boat show is coming to town! This is perfect because I’m new to this whole boat scene but I really think boats could be a really great option for urban nomads.   I want to check them out so we’re going to check out the show this weekend and we will be uploading some video and taking lots of pictures and doing lots of blogging.  We will keep you updated with an eye out for good boat living situations, be it a sailboat or motor boat. I’ll be doing more blog post on this whole boat direction later as well.  Could boat living be the best way to hack the system and finally be free of the man?  I think so. More on this later.  LA Boat Show

The boat show will be taking place in two locations. One part will be at the LA Convention Center and the other at Marina Del Rey.  (A Shuttle will ferry you between both.) Cost is $15/person and kids 15 and under are free.  I plan to check out both locations as Marina Del Rey could be a good option for boat living in that it’s close to West LA. I also want to talk to some boat owners who currently live at the Marina and get their take on the whole living on your boat thing.

LA Boat Show 2







Here is the TV Commercial I saw:

Check out this news report on the show:

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