The smallest recommended vehicle to be an Urban Nomad

The smallest vehicle we recommend to be an Urban Nomad
The 2015 Ascent Travel Van from the Pleasure Way RVs. An entire house in a van!

I would say if you are planning on trying out the Urban Nomad lifestyle and are considering living in your car or van I would recommend getting at least a camper/travel van with all the amenities of home. I call this the smallest recommended vehicle or SRV. You can find some pretty cheap ones online.  Make sure they have a bed (of course), a sink, fresh water hookups, a bath room, a shower.  You can go up from here with a trailer or larger RV but to me this is the minimum you need. Otherwise you will always be worried about where to shower, where to go to the bathroom and where to cook and of course where to sleep. See this great video from Mat and Danielle of the blog Living Alternatives, who sold their house and bought a travel van to live in full time. In this video they talk about some of the pitfalls they noticed after doing it for a month. Again, it seems to come down to: shower and bathroom:

But it is amazing how all the needs of home can fit so neatly in such a small package.  See my blog post on the cool camper  2015 Ascent Travel Van from the Pleasure Way RVs  pictured at the top of this post.  Yes that is an expensive one but it’s a great example of what can fit inside a Travel Van or class B RV.  What do you think, is it harder without the amenities of home? What is the most important amenity to have with you? Let us know in the comments below.

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