Where to dump your !@#$

where to dump your !@#$

One of the main things holding people back from living the alternative Urban Nomad lifestyle is where to bathe, shower and go to the bathroom. For those with RV’s this is not so much of a problem as they have those things. But in Los Angeles and other cities there is not much infrastructure for RV’s within the cities themselves. This is because the assumption is that when one has an RV it is for camping.  Someone should design RV’s or vehicles for urban nomads. Not for camping but for permanent living. Maybe we will do this one day if our site goes big. Because the needs of someone living permanently in an RV or other vehicle in an urban environment is different than using it for camping in the wilderness.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and one of the main impediments is where to dump your black water tanks.  In case you didn’t know, an RV has three water tank:  The fresh water tank for drinking water.  Grey water tanks for dirty water from sinks and showers etc., and black water tanks for toilet water.  The thing is, if you are living in an urban environment in your RV you will need a place to empty the grey and black water tanks. Emptying the gray water tanks can be done anywhere as it’s just dirty water that’s not THAT dirty. but obviously you can’t just dump the black water tanks anywhere unless you want to stink up the neighborhood or pollute the environment.  So finding a place to empty the black water tanks is key to living sustainable in an RV or similar vehicle in an urban environment. I was curious so I started Googling and low and behold came across several site with a list of all the RV dumps, or many of them anyway, where you can dump your tanks. I was curious about LA so I looked it up. Then I came across another one. The best seems to be RV Dump Sites but there is also RV Dump Stations, sani dumps and  RV Dump Stations.

According to sanidumps.com, there are several types of RV dumps: Private, public, RV park, non-park, municipal, truck stop, rest stop, campground, camping, resort, commercial, pay, donation, and free.

Of course there are few in the core area of Los Angeles which is where I am interested in living.  There are many out side of LA though.  But what I am interested in is living in an RV in the core of the city as an alternative to paying high rents.  What do you think? What has been your experience living in an RV in an urban environment?  Where did you empty your black water tanks?


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