The LA 2016 boat show at the convention center – power boats

LA Boat Show - LA Convention Center
So we went to check out the Los Angeles Boat Show and it was really awesome!  The boat show was split into two parts.  Part one was at the Los Angeles convention center in downtown Los Angeles.  Part 2 was at the Marina del Rey marina near the beach.  This post will be about what we saw at the convention center.  At the convention center, there were mostly small motor or power boats and there were a couple of small sized luxury yachts.  I checked out one of them, it was a small kind of tugboat looking thing, very expensive at $340,000.  It was a cute boat and does give some sense of what it would be like to live in a power boat of comparable size.  You can see it in this YouTube video here:

They didn’t have a lot of livable boats or liveaboards at the convention center.  It was mostly river pontoon boats and small recreational style boats.  So just a note, if you go to the boat show with the goal of checking out liveaboard situations it’s best to go to the Marina Del Rey part of the show.   Although there were a lot of other boat vendors there at the convention center show with booths selling all kinds of other boat related paraphernalia like boat insurance, financing, boat clubs, boat sharing groups, magazines and stuff like that.  So you know it might be worth checking out the convention center and then taking the shuttle to the marina.  The shuttle runs every 30 minutes.  Also know that there is always a long line for the shuttle so the actual wait is around an hour to get an available seat.  That was my only complaint. If they had larger shuttles everyone could have gone and the shuttle rides would have been more convenient.

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