You won’t believe all the stuff they fit into this little travel van!

2015 Ascent Travel Van
I stumbled across this video on YouTube about the 2015 Ascent Travel Van from the Pleasure Way RVs.  They specialize in luxury rv’s but man they are design masters! Talk about 3d jujitsu!  Who ever designs their stuff is a genius! I mean, how on earth can you fit all that stuff in such a small van? Very impressive!  This travel van while deluxe is still impressive for anyone. At $100,000 msrp it’s worth it. I never thought I would say that but it is.  If I were to live out of a van, this would be my first choice.  The inside is so spacious you feel they must be doing some kind of trans dimensional shape shifting.  The cool thing about it is that it’s so 21st century!  You can drive it just like a regular van but you can live in it and camp in it too!

Can you believe what they fit in this van!
Can you believe what they fit in this van! How? How is it possible? My head hurts! I just don’t understand how all of that stuff fits in there!

Can you believe this little van has: A bathroom with a shower!  A kitchen with running water, two burner stove, microwave!  A fridge that is gas, and electric powered!  A hot water heater!  An outdoor shower! Generator! Two deep cell batteries!  Automated fans, Air conditioning! A living room where you can play cards with 5 people!  A flat screen TV that swivels!  Tons of storage space!  You can stand in it! You can walk around it it!  A king size bed!  Wow!  Giant windows so you feel like you are in a large space!  A solar panel for unlimited charging!  Dang!  This thing is awesome!  I’m sold. It is amazing what you can fit in such a small space. It shows that with good design and use of space and resources the sky is the limit!  Not only is this an incredibly functional travel van but it’s cool lookin’ too!  Probably the only RV out there that is cool to drive.  And no wonder, I just found out it’s made in Canada and it’s a Canadian company.  That explains everything. This dude, Dean Rumple, who is the CEO of the company does an excellent job presenting too. Sold me! I know it’s expensive but I want one.

What do you think? Impressive right? Let me know in the comments below.

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